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Know and love your food – we bring you closer to the farmers, producers and chefs

Whe-Eat brings you closer to local farmers, producers and chefs, so you can learn, celebrate and most importantly, eat great food. Get in touch with your inner foodie!

Join us for our events including the Whe-Eat Cooking School, Restaurant Appreciation and gourmet regional Food Tours.

Cooking School

Whe-Eat at CERES Environment Park

Matt from Whe-Eat has been teaching Authentic Mexican and Rustic Italian cooking at CERES Environment Park. Stay tuned for more great classes coming soon!

Melbourne Cooking School Classes

Do you love your food and have a passion for entertaining? Want to share some awesome food with your friends? Maybe you just want the chance to meet new people and learn new cooking skills?

We've got the answers. Join us for our rustic, old school cooking classes using fresh, locally sourced, sustainably grown ingredients.

Cooking Class Format

We teach you about cooking food slowly, with respect for artisan history and classic time-tested techniques. We source local, fresh and wherever possible, organic ingredients. And the best bit is we share a feast at the end. Yum!

Cooking Class Venue

Our cooking class venue varies depending on the class, but they are predominantly featured around Melbourne. We teach at a number of fantastic spaces, usually with a fully equipped commercial kitchen and the perfect dining room to enjoy the food together afterwards.

We live in a country abundant with food, choice and opportunity. At Whe-Eat, we love to celebrate that and we'd love you to join us at one of our upcoming cooking classes. Sign up for our newsletter Slow News to keep up to date on the latest cooking classes.

Restaurant Appreciation

What is Restaurant Appreciation?

Some people refer to this type of event as a chef's table. We look a little deeper and call it restaurant appreciation. Restaurant appreciation involves heading out as a group to a great Victorian restaurant. One that's interested in the same things we are; good, slow food and local, sustainably grown produce. We learn what goes into each meal and how to put a menu together. We also meet the chef and food producers.

What Happens at a Restaurant Appreciation?

There's food and wine matching, a guest food producer and a very hands on look at restaurant life. We learn about the educational aspects and cultural history of the food and the dishes we're eating. The food has a mainly European focus, demonstrating different styles and techniques.

With a small group, conversation flows across the table easily. It's a great way to meet new people.

We've got some great upcoming restaurant appreciation events scheduled. Sign up for our newsletter Slow News, and you'll be the first to hear about these exciting events!

Food Tours

Gourmet Regional Food Tours

If you live in, or are visiting Melbourne and you want to know more about your food, we've got some great gourmet food tours just for you. These tours are designed to get you to relax, take in the scenery, connect with nature and just slow down.

More Than Your Average Food Tour

You'll be getting behind the scenes. You'll probably get your hands dirty. You'll get to eat amazing food, some that you've made yourself. You'll definitely leave with a new appreciation for food, knowing how it gets from the farm to your plate. You'll most likely make some new friends and come home with a bag full of goodies too!

Our food tours are open to individuals and there are special rates for groups. We have pre-organised tour options available or we can custom build a tour to suit your requirements.

To receive information about new tours and special offers, sign up for our email newsletter Slow News.